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Bata Atlantic Safety Boot

Bata Chelsea Boot (No Laces)

Bata Pacific Safety Shoe

Bump Cap KBC165

Chef’s Hat

Chef’s Trousers

Closed Front Rain Cape

Commando High Boot

Executive Chef’s Jacket

Guard Suit

Guard Trousers

Long Sleeve Chef Uniform Jacket

Mars Boots

Miner Boots


Rain Suit


Raincoat With Pockets

Sabre Safety Boots

Sabre Safety Shoes

Security Jersey

Security Trench Coat

Short Sleeve Guard Shirt

Steel Cap Safety High Cut Boots

Cut Resistant Gloves KGN7001

Cut Resistant Gloves KGN750

High Vis Cap

Leather Gloves

Pull-Over Jersey

Reflective Overalls

Rubber Gloves

Thin Red Rubber Gloves

Work Gloves KGN813

Work Gloves KGN815

Acid Resistant Overall

Button Up Cardigan

Fidel Cap

Half Mask Respirator RM605

Particulate Respirator FFP1

Particulate Respirator FFP2

Respirator KRC111

Respirator KRC121

Cartridges For KRC121/KRC111

Cartridges For RM605

Full Zip Unisex Jersey

Urban Cap


Worksuit Eco 210 Reflector

Ladies Fleece Slim Fit

Men’s Fleece